I am no longer proud of our country. I am proud of only half of our country.

On November 6, 2012, the majority of our electorate voted to reward another four years of the office of the Presidency to a man who had already overseen, prolonged and worsened, four years of the worst economic times since the Great Depression.

A man who had promised to improve every mentionable aspect of our economy, but instead did literally and measurably the opposite.

Our country has deteriorated to the point where over half of our electorate now supports a man who holds as one of his deepest beliefs, the idea that our government has the right to dictate to its citizens when, through their own labors, they have achieved "enough" or "too much".

Further, he believes that it is justified to take from one person the achievements of their own labor, and give them to another who did nothing for it, purely in the name of Fairness.
I no longer have faith in or actively want to see the continuation of The United States in its current form.

I think that the approximately half of our country that believes as our President does, should be free to continue living their lives accordingly.

But I also think that the rest of us, who still believe in the ideas that our country was originally founded on - freedom, liberty, personal responsibility and the truest of rights: the opportunity for an individual to make of themselves what they can, not what their government tells them they can - should also be allowed to live their lives accordingly.

I know longer want fifty united states.

Divide America.